What we will do together.

I will help guide you through all the major activities and decisions that go into the admissions process.

  • High school program: Review and recommend academic and extracurricular activities. This may include advising on summer and volunteer service.
  • Standardized tests: Strategize about which tests (SAT I, ACT, SAT II, for example) to take and when to take them. This may included evaluating which test best suits you, if tests need to be repeated, and finding good coaches and tutors if needed.
  • College lists: Research and present customized college list based on your interests and aptitudes. We will fine-tune this list throughout our time together and make sure we have covered all bases – reach, 50/50 and likely schools.
  • Visits and interviews: Explain how to maximize the benefit of campus trips and help you prepare for interviews where applicable.
  • Applications: Create a cohesive, understandable “snapshot” of who you are. We will work on a résumé, large essays, and small essays so that in the end, that “thread,” that “essence” of who you are shines through to the reader. Not only will we be creative here, we will be organized and efficient since I help you stay on top of all deadlines.
  • The Final Round-Up: Review and evaluate acceptance choices.